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    Who you attract is important, so choose a marketing to the affluent strategy for greater success and prosperity

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    Select your ideal prospects from the UK’s High Net Worth Database

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Graham Arrowsmith, Managing Director, Finely Fettled

Why Should You Work With Us?

Because you want a partner that can deliver:

  • High value customers, investors and patients
  • With tried and tested data and campaigns
  • And make a return on your investment

When I Realised the Importance of
Marketing to the Affluent, it was Like
Everything I’d Done Until Now Had Purpose

I just hadn’t connected the dots. Too busy in one career and then the next. Later, I realised all these experiences and insight was simply the hard hours and training I needed to help you.

Most of my clients want to identify wealthy individuals to communicate their proposition. They aren’t alone. Rather than cut through, you must rise above the clutter. 

Marketing to the affluent for me combines three career passions, strategy, direct marketing and data.

Your prosperity comes from creating a marketing system. Not a random act, but a repeatable method of attracting affluent individuals, converting them into customers, ascending their 


value to you, and earning the right to their referrals. 

If you are burdened by online slavery, where despite hanging out regularly, no-one gives you money, especially the wealthy. Ask yourself, how much longer can you carry forward this approach?

Direct response marketing systems focus on results. From identifying the right people, crafting copy for your irresistible offer and call to action, designing direct mail sequences, handling postage and capturing respondents through phone, RSVP cards and optimised landing pages.   

Doing what everyone else is doing is not a recipe for success. Before they cotton on, give me a call or send me an email.

Target affluent households with this GDPR compliant
direct mail service. Our Partially Addressed Mail service delivers
exactly the right affluent households based on a sophisticated profile of your existing clients. 


What Services Does Finely Fettled Offer?

The Complete and Personalised Direct Response Marketing Package

Marketing Strategy

Always the focus is on results. We plan a route between where you are and where you want to be. Get clear on your Unique Sales Proposition and become a Category of One to magnetise affluent individuals.

Data Services

Identify affluent individuals from The UK High Net Worth Database. Analyse your customer base with geo-demographic profiling system SONAR. Get GDPR compliant data for postal, telephone and social media campaigns.

Creative Design

Access truly creative designers for your direct marketing campaigns. Create evergreen marketing assets. From leaflets, postcards, self-mailers, invitation mail shots, brochures, books and lead magnets.

Direct Mail Campaigns

We will help you develop the right strategy for your campaign, select and cleanse the best mailing list, create personal and human non-corporate copy, design sales pieces, print and post at effective rates, and track mail responses.

Landing Pages

Responsive landing pages are created with unique URLs that synchronise with your brand assets. They are call to action focused. Each landing page is hosted by us, but remains yours. They are optimised to maximise responses.

Shock & Awe Packages

We design personalised shock and awe packages to generate referrals and initiate your authority prior to a face to face meeting. Seminar attendance improves using them. They are the unexpected and welcomed relationship builder.


Onsite or using our Studio, we can create quality videos for your landing page. Scripting developed with you to showcase your offer in the most appealing way. Latest in stabilised motion videos for authentic outdoor videos with brilliant audio.

Direct Response Media

We will create campaigns across responsive media. Working with trusted partners, your campaign can have the best combination of PR, print, social media, local search, events, LinkedIn connections and creating your own book.


Are YOU Marketing to Affluent Individuals?

The SPIEL Score helps you understand what you are doing well and which areas you may need more support with

Praise for Graham

Like most other businesses the home care sector is very competitive.  Market research showed me that my competitors marketed in the same way, using the same words, making the same promises, using similar stock images and the same marketing channels.  If Independent Living simply copied our competitors I just couldn’t see how we would stand out and be the company of choice.  I then employed Graham Arrowsmith who came to my business, took the time to listen to the views of my care staff and really worked to understand my business.  Later that same day Graham produced a clear concise no-nonsense 10 point marketing action plan to both acquire customers and recruit staff.  Over the following two months I rolled out Graham’s ideas one-by-one and we have definitely seen an uplift of interest in Independent Living. Not only have we seen more interest but I also feel the marketing is different and refreshing.

I employed Graham to produce a direct mail marketing campaign.  After providing Graham with draft text and our company logo I had no worries whatsoever, the job simply happened!  The quality of the marketing materials Finely Fettled produced were brilliant and it gave a great impression of our business. As a result we received care enquiries from the top end of the market – the most profitable.

Mark Booker

Managing Director, Independent Living Lancashire

Graham has helped us create literally £millions of investment funds for our largest IFA network client


Direct Mail Printing

He is modest in approach but never be fooled – he is incredibly sharp, adept and commercial.


Communication Solutions

Thanks for being as positive as ever. This is brilliant work, I can’t find a thing I’d like to change.


Property Solutions

Fab – thanks Graham. Quote approved.


Care Home

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Finely Fettled is a specialist West Yorkshire Marketing Consultancy offering high net worth over 50s lead generation campaigns. We help you get more customers, then increase your business through referrals, customer reactivation and cash flow surges, by combining top class data with direct mail campaigns.