This is a guest post by me, Weronika Niszczyk. For the last six weeks I have been working for Finely Fettled as a consultant.

I joined the company after successfully completing my Business and Management degree at the University of Bradford. Graham insisted that I tell you that I got a First Class Honours degree!

I was born in Kielce in Poland in 1997 which makes me 22. At age 19, I jumped on a bus and arrived in Bradford to study at the University. I had a good understanding of English from my school years, but binge watching Friends has helped as well. Graham has corrected a few phrases along the way. 

Originally I met Graham by participating in the University’s “Industrial Challenge” programme. The purpose of the programme was to conduct student research for SMEs. Graham has been working on a new start-up business. He asked me to conduct some market research into the financial advisory industry. Finely Fettled already supplies high net worth data to Financial Advisers, and the new business is an idea that builds on the current strengths of Finely Fettled. 

My research contributed to my dissertation, which was awarded a distinction. Like me, Graham was really happy with this outcome. Later he offered the chance for me to consult with Finely Fettled on a number of projects.

The experience has been hands-on and new skills have been learnt. Graham creates a friendly and supportive workplace and we laugh a lot. 

I was involved in various projects that will definitely help me in my future career. From September I join internationally famous accountancy PwC in Bradford.

My work experience revolved around different areas. I analysed cash flows for the current financial year and helped to move financial activity to Quickbooks. I find Quickbooks a very helpful software for companies. It is much easier to manage sales and expenses and keep track of daily transactions. As such, Finely Fettled has started invoicing customers, creating purchase orders and keeping records of expenses for tax purposes on Quickbooks. 

I was also exposed for the first time to Google Analytics, which helps optimising web assets and digital media. I was responsible for analysis and process development for business proposals as well as new business marketing list development. 

During my work for Finely Fettled I had opportunity to join the conference in beautiful Wales. To celebrate Graham’s 60th birthday and the 5th anniversary of the creation of Finely Fettled, we held a conference right next to the Menai Bridge in a large house. I was able to meet business partners along with family members. I also took notes for a board meeting and took part in my very first podcast. 

It has been a real pleasure to work for Finely Fettled. I will treasure this experience.