SME Lead Generation

Listen to Graham Arrowsmith Discuss SME Lead Generation on Twentisphere a new UK Business Podcast

SME Lead Generation is all about creating leads for small businesses. Graham discusses direct response campaigns and local search marketing with Carl Benfield, the host of the Twentisphere podcast.

#10 Graham Arrowsmith – Lead Generation

What can you do to improve SME lead generation in your business? In this value packed episode, Graham Arrowsmith shares some top tips on offering value up front, using ‘local search’ to help your company rocket up the Google search rankings (Emergency Electrician in Northampton, anyone?) – and creating a direct mail marketing campaign that converts.

Carl asked for recommended tools. Here are links to my favourite business book and some very useful tools for design, video editing and Twitter post-scheduling.

Recommended Book:

No B.S. Direct Marketing – Dan Kennedy

This great direct response marketing book will help SME Lead Generation. Dan Kennedy inserts 10 rules by which you marketing should follow:

  1. There will always be an OFFER or Offers.
  2. There will be a reason to respond right now.
  3. You will give clear instructions.
  4. There will be tracking, measurement and accountability.
  5. Only no-cost brand-building.
  6. There will be FOLLOW UP.
  7. There will be strong copy.
  8. It will look like mail-order advertising.
  9. Results rule. Period.
  10. You will be a tough minded disciplinarian and put your business on a strict direct marketing diet.

In the podcast, Graham discusses the 3 postcard sequence. Not one postcard. Three. SME lead generation is strengthened through repetition and recognition. Make sure you provide a reason to respond – like get this FREE REPORT, this free bonus is available until the end of January only, then it is being withdrawn. Follow-up is a sin of omission in most marketer’s repertoires. We don’t follow-up, but that’s where the only is. So send another card, call the prospect to see what they thought to the free report. Give clear instructions so your reader is clear. They are busy and crave being lead. You are not Big Brother, you are respecting their time.

The podcast also spoke of the Problem Agitate Solve copywriting technique that is used in probably 50% of all direct response marketing campaigns. State the problem, Highlight how if unaddressed the consequences are dire for the reader and then provide a solution that only your business can provide successfully.

Why these free tools for SME Lead Generation? Canva helps you create interesting content for your social media posts as well as product flyers for your business. Camtasia is a superb tool for creating videos. Use them on YouTube and on your websites as part of your SME Lead Generation strategy. Recurpost saves you time to bank up Twitter posts so you can focus on nurturing those people who are being attracted by your SME lead generation strategy.

Recommended Tools:

Canva – this is a great design tool and for the most part it is free to use. 

Camtasia – an awesome video editing tool. 

Recur Post – save time on Twitter and schedule your posts in advance.

If you would like to discuss direct response campaigns, data or local search, please contact Graham on 01535 654930 or send an email to or complete the form here