Graham Arrowsmith, Marketing Consultant Yorkshire, Marketing Consultant West Yorkshire, Marketing Consultant Lancashire, Marketing Consultant, Direct Marketing Consultant, Data Services Consultant

Hi, I’m Graham, a Direct Response Marketing Consultant!


I’m a Direct Marketing Consultant Yorkshire based. I work with people who want to attract new customers to their business. I help them get exactly what they want, by focusing on TWO areas, their data and direct marketing campaigns to:


  • Deliver profit from present and past customers already in your data
  • Source the best data to attract your ideal future customers
  • Sell more for you through innovative and authentic direct marketing campaigns


If you need great data to run your marketing campaign, Graham is your man. He’s able to quickly understand your business strategy and use his many years of direct marketing consultant experience to do something special. Graham can take a customer database, cleanse it and make it sing or he can source data from his wide range of contacts.

Kevin Appleby

Director, Appleby Consulting

A word from Graham, Direct Marketing Consultant

by Graham Arrowsmith

Why would you need a direct marketing consultant and why work with me?

You’ll get someone who wants to understand your database. Make it accurate and understand what it is telling you. This will help you attract your dream customers.

With years of experience cleaning and enhancing data, for name and address, landline/mobile, and email addresses, your database will be in its best-ever campaign ready state.

I’ll profile your data and source the right data for your campaigns.

As a data services and direct marketing consultant, I have a wide network of committed suppliers which means you get access to privileged supplier relationships, such as access to The High Net Worth Database.

I can help you sell more using innovative and authentic direct marketing campaigns.

I’ll help you increase profits from past, present and future customers using innovative direct marketing techniques that look and feel exactly right for your business. Direct mail is one of the most potent forms of advertising, but many marketers and agencies overlook it because they chase the latest shiny object. This direct marketing consultant is focused on your results and can help you shape strategies that will outmaneouvre your competitors. And still have the energy and drive to campaign implementation all aspects including data, print, production and postage.

Graham is very passionate about the projects he works on and will work tirelessly to get things done. He has a huge amount of experience and knowledge of direct marketing and data management.

Richard Knaggs

Head of Development, DM Print

Graham Arrowsmith, Marketing Consultant Yorkshire, Marketing Consultant West Yorkshire, Marketing Consultant Lancashire, Marketing Consultant, Direct Marketing Consultant, Data Services Consultant
Graham Arrowsmith, Marketing Consultant Yorkshire, Marketing Consultant West Yorkshire, Marketing Consultant Lancashire, Marketing Consultant, Direct Marketing Consultant, Data Services Consultant

When it comes to data and direct marketing…

:: I’ve got 30 years of sales and marketing experience to offer you – working in senior corporate roles and for the last 3 years, running my own direct response marketing company.

:: I market one of the UK’s leading sources of High Net Worth people, The UK High Net Worth Database.

:: I’ve developed some of the UK’s leading consumer data suppression products, such as disConnect and reConnect at Equifax and GAS Reactive at the REaD Group. These products are used every day to clean the nations data, saving them £millions and keeping data accurate and responsive.

:: Little known fact – I was the first person at Royal Mail to use NCOA to reconnect a Top 4 Bank with its lapsed customers – they got an amazing result from a vanilla ‘bank’ letter. Right audience trumps right creative, right?!

:: Founding member of the Suppression Provider’s Alliance to ensure high industry standards in data quality processing.

::  Uniquely, I have worked with most of the leading data businesses, as employee and account handler, creating a network of friends across the data industry.

:: Pioneered one of the UK’s first sites to offer direct mail data, design, print and postage. Served charity fundraising through a personalised greeting card offshoot and helped lots of small businesses create direct mail campaigns.

:: Lead for Royal Mail on data development and strategy in the Media Markets team who were responsible for promoting direct mail as a medium. Along the way, got Royal Mail to its first external data investment in the Postal Preference Service, designed to deliver more of the mail you want and less of the stuff you don’t want!

:: Earned a top of the class MBA at Bradford Management Centre and had my dissertation on how people react to receiving direct mail published in the Direct Marketing Strategies journal. Also at Bradford, studied for and earned Diploma in Direct Marketing.


Graham is one of a very rare breed that understand that to make a difference you need to take effective action and knuckle down to get the job done.

Iain Lovatt

Executive Chairman, Blue Sheep Group

What Gallup’s StrengthsFinder says…

  1. He’s an Activator. That means he can make things happen by turning thoughts into action. He is determined to generate a lot of enthusiasm around various projects, events, or activities. His is energised, not paralysed, by opportunities and possibilities. He’s naturally open and honest about himself, what he’s done, what he can do, and what he cannot do.
  2. He’s Futuristic. He creates detailed and vivid images of what the future promises.
  3. He is Strategic.  Faced with any given scenario, he can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues. He notices new as well as unusual configurations in facts, evidence, or data.
  4. He’s an Intellectual Thinker. This means he gets mentally stimulated by thought-provoking ideas, information, data, predictions and insights and applies this to solving problems, conceiving new concepts, and designing plans.
  5. He’s an Ideas Man.  He’s often the originator of fresh ideas for brand-new campaigns,  business ventures, initiatives, or special events.

What kind of direct marketing consultant does all this make him?
Someone who makes things happen, who is focused on your future, who is strategic and can spot opportunities for your business, keeps current and can be relied upon to design plans to solve your problems, and will come up with fresh ideas and initiatives for you.

Graham’s real talent is finding that important solution for a problem. He’s a data engineer.

Kirk Dobie

Commercial Director, GI Insight

What you get with Graham is enthusiasm, self-belief and work ethic. He delivers on promises.

Nigel Halliday

Senior Business Development Manager, Callcredit

And when I’m not being a data services and direct marketing consultant I can be found…


:: Reading thrillers. I love Peter Robinson, not least because his novels are based just north of where I live. Add Lee Child, Jo Nesbo and Peter James, I suppose I’m saying I love the intrigue, challenge to solve the crime and the characters too.

:: Playing badminton. OK, you are seeing a work in progress on the weight front, but I absolutely love the fact that I can keep up with someone 12 years my junior!

:: Watching football. Well, Leeds United, so that’s like murder on and off the pitch! But, it’s my passion and I’m not a quitter, I watched them at their heights and am supporting them now, when we’re not so high!

:: Taking photographs. This is a bit like my golf, every now and then I can produce a beauty. I got more people to look at the image opposite because I called it Abbey Road. I suspect loads of people now think Abbey Road is in a small Yorkshire town!

:: Spending time with my family. Dawn and I are celebrating 32 years of marriage this year and our children are now growing into fine adults. The eldest ‘launched’ recently but I’m in no hurry to see the others go.

“Abbey Road”

“Dawn and I at Niagara Falls”

“Robbie Rogers Says Hello”

“Nathan, Sophie, Dawn and Luke”

If you’re dying to know more, here are 5 things you don’t know about me…


:: I played the side drum in a Scout marching band. Later in life I showcased my para-diddle in a New Orleans bar to a horrified audience!

:: I once lost 5 stones in weight on a low carbohydrate diet. All because I wanted to ride a horse on a holiday!

:: My family and I were interviewed on local TV because we walked a 17 miles charity walk for British Heart Foundation – on the wrong day! After 6 miles we realised we might be alone!

:: As a tribute to one of my favourite films, Sister Act II, I attended a Christmas works social dressed up as Whoopi Goldberg, with habit, wig and full make up! Won first prize, but it took several attempts to get rid of the nail varnish!

:: Our (ex) budgie sometimes said “What’s for pudding!” – I’ve no idea where he picked that up from!


Charlie – name inspired by Charles & Camilla’s wedding!

Horseback riding – the ultimate weight loss motivation!


Finely Fettled is a specialist West Yorkshire Marketing Consultancy offering high net worth over 50s lead generation campaigns. We help you get more customers, then increase your business through referrals, customer reactivation and cash flow surges, by combining top class data with direct mail campaigns.