SMS Lead Generation in 2017

SMS Lead Generation in 2017

SMS Lead Generation in 2017

It is an SMS Lead Generation ‘truth’, if you buy duff mobile data then it’ll cost you.

3 Costs of Poor Mobile Data

1) The cost of mobile data can easily be £100 per thousand. If 20% of the data is inaccurate, then £2,000 of your SMS lead generation marketing budget is wasted on a purchase of 100k mobiles.

2) Add the cost of sends (say, £30 per thousand) and there goes another £600. By this time your well-earned SMS Marketer’s shiny star is starting to look a little tarnished. Of course, your SMS Gateway will stop further sends of the inaccurate data, but not the first time round.

3) Effective SMS Lead Generation is all about timing. Until now, timing has been all about the logic of the offer. There are quite clever ways to send SMS, but for the majority of campaigns, timing is a gamble. So if you get this wrong, it can cost your campaign. By how much? Well, a recent SMS campaign that applied a new ‘secret sauce’ – let’s call it Best Time to Contact, doubled the ongoing campaign’s response rate. So, with just assuming a 50% uplift on sales of £5,000, the potential waste increases by another £2,500.

How come 20% of mobile numbers end up being inaccurate?

Working with the UK’s leading provider of data validation, and using literally billions of observed connectivity status updates collected in 2014, it was noted that 20% of numbers changed. If they end up on the data you buy, as well as in your customer data, expect the consequences described in 1) and 2) let alone the depressant on campaign results.

So what can the savvy SMS Marketer do? Take a look at Enhanced SMS Lead Generation.

Select High Quality Mobile Data

Start with a good source of data.

Select from more than 300 variables across 3.5 million lifestyle mobile records. Categories include Travel, Leisure, Charities, Financial, Motor, Newspaper & Magazine Readership, Drinks, Pets, Books, Utilities and Insurance.

Or target by Gender, Income, Date of Birth or Birthday. There are plenty of clever ways to target the right audience for your offer.

Ensure Every Mobile Has SMS Opt-In

This is a definite STOP if you don’t have this. The SMS Marketer’s Perfect Mobile Data does. Actually, the mobile provider has twice as many mobile numbers than those available in this dataset, but only mobile numbers where there is express ermission for SMS is used. Here’s a snippet from a typical permission statement:

“By entering your email you consent to XXXXXXX and its partners, sending you information and offers on products and/or services that may be of interest to you via email, SMS, telephone or direct-mail…”

Only Buy Data That is Active

Every mobile in this dataset is validated as ‘active’ prior to use. That means it can receive your SMS. Validating mobile numbers increases your response rate and reduces costs. What makes this a no-brainer is the cost of validation is LOWER than the cost of a typical send. So just do it.

Add Best Time to Contact to Your SMS Lead Generation Campaign

SMS Marketers will understand the concept of pre-framing. It’s like when you introduce someone or an idea, if you are gushing with praise…the fellow is a charming, lovable person… then the introduced person will be warm from the get-go. The opposite applies equally. ‘She’s a lying snake’ would be pretty difficult for most folk to shake off, right?

Adding Best Time to Contact to your next SMS campaign can seriously improve your response rate. How? BTC acts like a proxy for pre-framing. Your SMS arrives at a time when the prospect is known to be most likely to engage. How do we know? These time periods are created from billions of observations of people using their telephones. Working with leading telephone networks, individual level (not modelled) data is created based on engagement. Sending your SMS at just any time so, for instance, you make it easier for the call centre to take calls, is now a random and wanton act of marketing. And you want to avoid those, don’t you?

Best Time to Contact is added to every mobile sourced from Enhanced SMS Lead Generation

Will it work? Honestly, for you, I don’t know, but one client recently told us they got TWICE the level of response on a campaign where the ONLY difference was BTC. Worth a try? Well, if you pass, my guess is your competitor’s won’t. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you, by working with SMS Platforms to adapt their send processing to include the different options for sending at different times.

You can choose the best day, AM or PM, the best hour and the best exact time.

The smart SMS Marketer will already be ahead of me here. They’ll be thinking how they can customise the messages based on this amazing insight into timing.

Buy All Inclusive

Ultimately this comes down to whether you want a turnkey solution or whether you prefer to do everything yourself.

Enhanced SMS Lead Generation includes:

  • High Quality Mobile Data.
  • 300 Selections For the Ideal Target Profile.
  • Full Opt-In.
  • All Numbers are Validated ‘Active’ Before Send.
  • Best Time to Contact is added to Every Mobile Number.
  • Sends are Inclusive.

1) You can discover more about Enhanced SMS Lead Generation here.

2) Test a 20,000 sample for the all inclusive price of £120 per thousand plus VAT. If you are an agency, please call to discuss terms for introducing this dataset to your SMS clients.

3) Get in touch. Text me on 07914 824678.

Wishing You Every Success!  🙂