The Audio Lead Magnet

The idea for The Audio Lead Magnet came about from a comment made about a podcast. My podcast. I co-host a business podcast called The Next 100 Days. Its focus is making those little changes across all aspects of running a business starting with the next 100 days. We’ve interviewed lots of very talented people, who are utterly passionate about the thing they do. Such as, customer services, small business branding, strategy, estate agency marketing, social media marketing, managing cash flow, health and fitness, PR, Twitter, ADHD and copywriting, managing confidence, business marketing and plenty more.

One of our listeners recently commented that the podcast was “Very down to earth. In fact the whole podcast series has been refreshingly down to earth…” We loved the comment, because it tells us that people we have never met are hearing the message in a way that they welcome. Not too high-brow, not dumbed down. Just right. With a little humour, in fun, without trying to sell them, but bringing value to them in a way that attracts them to us as listeners.

The Audio Lead Magnet is Powerfully Seductive

The Podcast is a form of seduction. The podcast is gently trying to create empathy with a specific small business audience. By addressing real problems we know they face, because we face them too. Then doing this over and over by regularly bringing them value, without cost. By showcasing other people’s businesses, but directing them to focus on what can bring value to our listeners. Which brings me back to the Audio Lead Magnet.

If you are looking to generate leads for your small business, then you might have come across, or even used a lead magnet. That’s something that you produce, like a free report, that answers a specific problem they have now, which your solution is an answer for. The Audio Lead Magnet is like a free recorded message. Or an audio sales letter. Or a sales letter podcast.

But first let’s think about what you should be thinking about when creating an audio lead magnet.

Emotions. You are helping someone fix or solve a problem they already have. This is important, people rarely search for a solution to prevent stuff happening. They react to what is live. They are driven by the conversation going on in their head, right now.

Your job is to enter that conversation, not with a gloriously loud shouty presentation of your products and services! We’ve got to establish you are worth listening to first. So don’t start by talking all about you. At this stage, it is NOT all about “you”. It starts with them. So think what problems your business solves for them specifically. Think of the words they use when they talk to you. Tape the conversations and listen back to them.

Now, take 3 minutes and jot down 10 questions that new prospects always ask you. What are their pain points? Write down the problems they face. Now translate these into emotions. How do your prospects feel? Unsolved, what real difficulties do these problems bring into their lives? These problems will create the interview questions for which you can talk to. With passion and conviction. Because, well that’s authentic for you isn’t it? Your voice will help the listener really hear that you empathise with them, that you understand their pain.

The Audio Lead Magnet – the Recording

Now imagine that you have one of these new prospects right infront of you. In a chair opposite you. You are going to be talking through the interviewer, straight to that person, wherever he or she is listening.

The first part of your Audio Lead Magnet will be a recording of you explaining their issues, so it defines the recording as something for them. 35 years ago, as a new salesman, I learnt that I needed an initial benefit statement at the beginning of a presentation. To capture interest and win some focus, which I could use to explain why what I had was a good match for their needs.

The initial benefit statement is really a headline. Something that precedes the interview that precisely talks to your target audience. This headline has ONE purpose. To get the prospect to listen to more or all of the recording.

Next. Why do they hurt? What does the absence of a solution mean to the person? In what ways are and will they suffer absent a solution? You must also agitate their problem. This way, it casts forward to an unbearable place, that the prospect would really not want to reach. It’s a bit like rubbing an eye which has a speck in it. Your eye gets redder and redder and hurts like hell. You just have to get rid of the suffering and quick. Quick means taking action.

Your Audio Lead Magnet will then explain what your solution is, how to get it and why it works. All this is being prompted by interview questions. A little like a documentary. Like a podcast interview. With pace and a caring direction.

The next part of the recrding deal with your proof points. Testimonials. Your results. This solution delivers their desired result.

Then remind the prospect WHY they want this desired result.

Then close. Urge them to act now so they can get the results. This is your Call to Action. This has to be clear. Really clear. Clearer than a clear sky. People are accustomed to being told what to do. That means you must explain in detail exactly what you want the person to do. Dont leave it to chance. Test this out with a friend. Did they completely understand your directions? If not, refine what you say until they absolutely, 100% do.

Landing Page and Call to Action

If you have directed people to your Audio Lead Magnet on your home page, then you can link them to a landing page where they can download the audio file, or listen right then and there. IN EXCHANGE FOR THEIR CONTACT DETAILS. You can also send them from a Facebook ad or post, a Google Adwords ad, a Tweet, a LinkedIn update, a postcard, a letter, a yellow pages ad, PR coverage, even a newspaper display ad – notorious for not having ANY direct response aspects to them. Make a start. Be different.

Your call to action will describe the next step you want them to make. Like ring this telephone number, enter their email and name for a pdf transcript of the recording, or add to cart. Tell them exactly how to buy your product or service.

However, don’t count on getting an immediate sale out of every listener. The Audio Lead Magnet is designed to be part of an automated sequence. A marketing asset for your business.

And because not everyone will be ready to buy now, your job is to continue to communicate with them. To give them more reasons why they should act. To ask them questions about their situation. To qualify them. So an email sequence makes sense, so does sending a thank you greeting card. A very powerful method of wishing them well. How many other vendors would do that? Absolutely, you are all about creating a competitor pool of one. Remember that old Brian Clough quote about his prowess as a football manager?

“I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one.”

How much more business would you attract if you were seen by your prospects as the only viable option. The one they knew, liked and trusted, even before they even met you?

The Audio Lead Magnet is an important part of an emotions-focused attraction sequence, that positions you as an authority. You are speaking, not some voice-over artist. Not some over-hyped big star, who is detached from their audience. You. You the authentic human being who serves people like them all the time.

But I accept, you are busy. You can’t do everything yourself. You might want some help doing this. And that’s where I come in. My business is all about creating leads for businesses, sourcing data and creating direct response campaigns, with bespoke landing pages and email sequence follow ups. We also have an audio mastering business called where you can get audio mastered by audio experts. Your Audio Lead Magnet can have a professional interview, a unique musical intro and outro and pdf transcript, to re-purpose the content.

So, take action now, get in touch and let’s get your Audio Lead Magnet up and running. Let’s create an appealing lead magnet based on a style of business podcast that is ‘down to earth’. The sort of approach that attracts real people. If you are interested in quickly developing your Audio Lead Magnet, please contact me, Graham Arrowsmith via email on or via telephone on +44 1535 654930