How One Change Boosted Callcentre Productivity by 25%

How One Change Boosted Callcentre Productivity by 25%

Callcentre Productivity Increases 25% as Decision Maker Contacts Enhanced by Best Time to Contact


The Callcentre Productivity of an Insurance Company was significantly improved by using Best Time to Contact data. Results have been released by an Insurance Company. Its callcentre that shows an amazing uplift in callcentre productivity. The Callcentre tested Best Time to Contact data. This is data collected from the telephone network. The data creates a picture of how individuals engage on the telephone. The data is available for both landline or mobile numbers.


Best Time to Contact data is available for the overwhelming majority of UK individuals. The Insurance Company discovered that it boosted callcentre productivity by improving the number of Decision Maker Contacts its agents were making during the time they were logged on. They also found it was good for recipients too. The Callcentre was making calls at a time when the individual typically engages most with their phone. The data massivley improves the odds of contacting the recipient at the best time for them too.. This ‘best time to contact’ adds up every observed call captured by large telemarketing partners and creates a bell curve for each person, identifying the best time to contact on the best day of the week.


By applying this intelligence, the Insurance Company’s callcentre productivity has improved the number of decision maker contacts by 25%. The BTC data even out-performed their own record of when the individual was called by them on their last insurance renewal.


Best Time to Contact data accurately identifies when your customers are most likely to answer a call at home or are active of their mobile device, responsive to messages and contact. Using the optimum contact time when connecting with your custmers will transform the return on investment from telephone marketing and direct mobile marketing campaigns.


Another callcentre who used BTC data also experience a 25% uplift in advisor decision maker contact rate, but noted it lead to a sales increase of up to 15%.


The data is available as:

  • BEST DAY TO CALL – i.e. Thursday
  • BEST WINDOW TO CALL – i.e. 14:00-15:00
  • BEST EXACT TIME TO CALL – i.e. 14:23


If you want to boost your callcentre productivity, discover more about Best Time to Contact data. Contact Graham Arrowsmith who is Senior Consultant for BTC.