Lead Generation Using an Invitation Mailing

Lead Generation Using an Invitation Mailing

Lead Generation using an Invitation Mailing

How to Create a Lead Generation Campaign Using an Invitation Mailing

Is your business focused on one-step selling rather than lead generation?

One-step selling? You know, you distribute a leaflet, direct mail piece or run a newspaper ad, to get somebody to come in and buy something. Your advert is all about buying right now.

Let’s face it, we’d all love it if our ads reached only those people who were ready to buy now. If your ads do, then don’t read on. We may just have lost 1 in a million advertisers – I’ll live with that.

But most advertisers use this approach.

The thing is, all the people who looked at your ad and had some level of interest just don’t respond, because they aren’t ready to buy right now. The interest these people had is wasted. Worse, you might just be prompting them to respond to a competitor who is doing what is recommended below.

And let’s not forget, you paid money to put the ad together and paid again to get it in front of them.

Assuming you are targeting people that should require the solution your product and services offer then there is one key reason why these people didn’t buy now. They weren’t ready. The timing isn’t right. They may have an interest in what you have given time, but right now you just aren’t on their agenda.

So what can you do?

Change to a form of advertising that banks future sales. It is called lead generation.

Chances are you already are doing this in a different way. Handed out a business card lately? Isn’t that lead generation? Your business needs several ways to attract leads that ultimately turn into customers, for you to be successful.

But first you may need to get with the programme.

Given you probably have been advertising in a particular way for some time, it may take some effort to recognise there is a smarter way for your business.

I’m part of a Facebook group along with a group of estate agents. They have been advised to attract future customers using lead generation. Here’s what one of them said a few days ago.
7 hours of analysis & number crunching and the fog is starting to clear on where we really should be focusing our efforts for the greatest impact on increasing our consultations. And a dawning realisation that I should have done all this sometime ago.”
This could be you after you have considered your marketing strategy too.

Acknowledge your timing may not be bang on, because the world is not waiting for your advert is it? If you could capture and bottle the interest they exhibited, you’ve got the start of a relationship. You would know something about them, something you can build on.

So, instead of asking someone to get over a large hurdle or threshold – to buy something now – you recognise their level of interest and encourage them to discover more about that interest. Like clarifying their understanding, answering the questions they have and will have, putting in place the missing links and then creating a schedule in their minds about when they could and should be ready to buy.

It is like entering the conversation already going on it their minds. Recognise though, that with any market that conversation is at different places.

So creating goodwill with people who you hope are future dream clients, but simply have not arrived at a buying decision, is just common sense. Between now and then, you will have an opportunity to shape their thinking, so they will consider you before others when they come to buy.

So, here is a way to attract your ideal audience using a lead generation invitation mailing.


The Invitation Mailing

The invitation mailing is a lead generation source you can implement for your business.

It usually feels good to be invited to something. The invitation mailing feeds off the human warmth we feel about being invited. The invitee is by definition one of a select few. You wouldn’t invite the whole town to a dinner party.

The impression created is that the recipient is receiving an actual invitation. And you’re more likely to open and devour an invitation that has singled you out.

Of course, this mailing is not an invitation to a dinner party or a wedding, but an invitation to get involved in an event, like a seminar, or to join a group, or to become one of the first to learn about something new.

In your invitation mailing, make sure there is something privileged or exclusive about the invitation. The recipient is one of a select few who have been offered the opportunity to take part.

Receiving your invitation mailing is like being ushered by the doorman into a luxury jewellery shop.

For those marketing to the affluent, the proposition itself may be quite costly to participate in. What you are offering could be expensive and limited to a specially selected few high net worth individuals. The invitation mailing creates a certain mystique and implies exclusivity and supports the justification of the potential cost.

Here is an example from a fictitious furniture company, Florantia Furniture.

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The ingredients.

An A4 Letter – comprised of high quality paper. This is your sales letter, where you explain what your offer is, stress the exclusivity, and provide clear instructions for responding.

The length of the letter will vary based on what your offer. Avoid making the letter too “salesy.” Your recipient gets it. This is not a wedding invitation. But you can make them feel special. They are indeed being invited to be part of an elite group.

The purpose of the invitation mailing is, in the example above, to encourage them to download the exclusive report or call the number to provide their contact details for it to be mailed to them. So avoid discussing the price of the product or service you are offering. That can come later.

An A5 Invitation Card – the card emphasises the lead generation offer. In this case it is focused on boomers and seniors, who are more disposed to “protecting yourself for the future” proposals. In the letter and card copy make sure they know only a select number of people will be afforded this offer. It can be designed as a facsimile ‘invitation’ or as in the example, inviting the recipient to access some valuable information, which is a low threshold offer.

A C5 Outer Envelope – for small volumes, you can avoid printed indicia by applying stamps. This raises the per-item cost as postal discounts can be factored where your mailing goes to several thousand individuals. In the scheme of things, 10,000 people is still very selective. The window envelope make it feel slightly more formal and raises the chances of the mailing being opened.

Again, the purpose of the invitation mailing is to encourage more people to exchange their contact details for the lead generation ‘magnet’ – here it is the Exclusive Report. The respondents will have varying degrees of interest, from I’m ready to buy to it interests me but I’m a way off right now.

To complement the mailing, set up a simple landing page that has one focus. The capture the contact details of people who are interested in the Exclusive Report. By definition, of course, these are people who are your target market. If the exclusive report is based on your expertise and value proposition, these people are defining themselves as interested prospects. Not all will buy, but many will and it prevents you continually spending a fortune advertising your message to people who have no interest in your products and services.

So here is a simple landing page design that complements the invitation mailing.

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The key elements are:

  • Recognition elements – the company logo and invitation card are built in so the visitor knows they are in the right place.
  • The website address – this was specially created for the promotion. Do not send these interested prospects to your existing home page, where they will probably face lots of different navigation options or another way of putting it, they’ll be asked to make too many decisions. The landing page format cuts out all but one decision. Download the report in exchange for your name, email address and telephone number.
  • The landing page has a simple headline, subhead, three bullets approach to remind the prospect of the major reasons they should download the lead magnet. The lead magnet itself is shown next to the download button. This tends to increase response.


You may be thinking such mailings would be extremely expensive. Finely Fettled offers tailored packages including:

  • A profiled data selection from The UK High Net Worth Database.
  • Creative design
  • Print, production and postage of the invitation mailing as above
  • The purchase of a bespoke website address, and
  • A landing page where all data is exclusively owned by your business

These packages are typically for 5,000 and above individuals. Prices per pack can be as low as the cost of a second class stamp excluding vat for data, design, print, production, postage, landing page and exclusive ownership of response data.

If you would like a bespoke quotation to produce a lead generation campaign aimed at the affluent over 50s, using a lead magnet, mailed as an invitation mailing where respondent information is captured by a tailored landing page, then contact Graham on +44 1535 654930.

If you have a question please contact graham@finelyfettled.co.uk