Fundraising Preference Service

Fundraising Preference Service

Can the Fundraising Preference Service Be Implemented Immediately?

The Fundraising Preference Service is one of the main parts of new fundraising regulation. It was brought up in an interview on Good Morning TV this morning. The new Fundraising Regulator, Stephen Dunmore, was mauled by antsy presenter Piers Morgan. This, despite having an opportunity to take the initiative with the Fundraising Preference Service.

Impatient for answers, Morgan tore into Dunmore with questions about the scope of his powers. For example, should sanctions for Charity marketing misconduct be directed at ‘highly paid’ charity bosses as opposed to volunteer trustees. Mr Dunmore has a strong CV and has held senior posts, but I suspect he has never quite been subject to the Rottweiler-like journalistic tendencies of Piers Morgan.

Do you have sympathy with the new Fundraising Regulator? Well, as much as you would for any under-dog. But, what irks me is that the Etherington Review made it clear four months ago that a new Fundraising Preference Service was required by the public. It was deemed necessary to take back control over how and how many times the public are approached by charities for donations.

Four months ago.

So is the idea of a Fundraising Preference Service an alien concept? Does it need the best brains trained on it for four months? Not really. The team behind the Etherington Review are aware of an alternative. Etherington thought it an ‘excellent idea’. For me, this is a great way for the new Fundraising Regulator to act decisively. In the interests of those he serves. The public. has been operating since 2006. It does pretty much all of what Fundraising Preference Service, Fundraising, Charity, Charities, Charity Direct Mail, Charity Data Services, Marketing Consultancy, Data Services, Data, Lead Generationa new FPS would need to do. And it is ready to be adapted and implemented now. Before the interested committees get to work on a solution that will take many more months.


For more background, watch this video. Is MyLetterBox The Answer to the FPS?

How much more convincing could Stephen Dunmore have been? Imagine if he had told Piers Morgan and the GMTV audience that although only in office for 3 weeks, he had identified an immediate solution that will serve the public.

The public’s trust of charities is haemorrhaging and needs swift effective action by the Fundraising Regulator. The new body is not expected to be in place until Spring 2016.

“I will work closely with charities large and small alongside other key partners to ensure that the Fundraising Regulator maintains and enhances that trust.” Stephen Dunmore to UK Fundraising.

The thing about this comment is that it determines the way by which he will work to resolve the issues ‘for the public’. Note the absence of the public in the quote?

Yes, the outcome has merit, but yet again it is the public that will have to wait until the most visible change in the communication relationship between charities and the public is implemented. That is not good enough. Especially when there is a ready-made solution available to test. This would show willing and test the FPS concept quickly. It would show the new Fundraising Regulator as ‘public first’. Rather than allowing Piers Morgan to sound like he cared more about their plight.

If you have an alternative point of view, let me know. Maybe you think it is better to keep the public waiting until those with a vested interest have arranged the optimum outcome for themselves?