Head of Individual Giving

Head of Individual Giving

Head of Individual Giving

Hats off to the individuals who go by the title Head of Individual Giving in UK charities. Here’s a list of the challenges they face:

  • Achieve ambitious income generation goals;
  • Engage, inspire and empower teams;
  • Allocate and prioritise workload to achieve budget and campaign priorities;
  • Manage large expenditure budgets;
  • Be strategic;
  • Manage agencies and supplier relationships;
  • Develop comprehensive strategic, business and marketing plans;
  • Harness the potential of the donor database;
  • Deliver integrated fundraising campaigns;
  • Grow donor numbers using new and innovative channels;
  • Be creative and test new activity – within agreed parameters of risk;
  • Cultivate a strong donor pipeline;
  • Interpret complex data;
  • Be excellent at communication and leadership;
  • Manage successful acquisition campaigns;
  • Manage successful legacy and community fundraising programmes;
  • Be experienced in creative direct mail and fundraising copywriting;
  • …And, there’s more!

The Head of Individual Giving is the football equivalent of a goal-scoring central midfielder. Frank Lampard if you like. Admired by most, relied upon to win the day and incredibly technically skilled.

Nestled as they are, working between an Executive Head of Fundraising (plus other titles) and often quite large teams spanning direct marketing, legacy campaigns, community and event fundraising managers and area fundraisers, these Heads of Individual Giving are pivotal to the success of charity fundraising.

It’s almost as if the whole charity fundraising effort rests squarely with them. Take out a Frank Lampard goal-scoring midfielder, and you lose that magical dynamic that is needed to achieve charity fundraising goals.

So, how can Finely Fettled help a Head of Individual Giving? Let’s take just 3 of the above challenges, taking the first two together:

Manage large expenditure budgets AND Harness the potential of the donor database

Clean up your donor database and save your annual salary!

Finely Fettled is the exclusive sales agent for The UK High Net Worth Database, which has several charity focused segments – Charity Ladies, Wealthy & Benevolent Investors and The Big Gift Charity File.

Right now, the Head of Individual Giving can get a very low cost database cleanse using the Fundraising Suppression File, which has been created from charity mailing returns and validated against other commercial files. There are 4.5 million goneaways and 2.5 million deceased individuals. How low cost? 9p per permanent flag.

Contrast this with a commercial flag, the same data, the same individual, the same donor, at 48p?

Let’s say you overlap just 200,000 old donor records. The saving would pay the salary of most Heads of Individual Giving for a year!

Identify lost donors at their new addresses

This really puts a tick in the “harness” box. That’s because, reactivated donors can respond just like your home data. They’ve had a break, they moved and didn’t let you know – it happens – and now you welcome them like a long lost family member! Love at second sight.

Typical charges for this are 30-40p per reconnected donor. Fancy more savings, and still access some of the leading forward address matching suppression services? Having developed a couple of these services still being used by thousands of businesses, I can steer your charity to make at least a further 15% savings on the process and deliver a rich seam of renewed donors for your charity.

Manage successful acquisition campaigns

Target affluent over 50s and acquire donors with cash ask and legacy potential

For 25 years, charities have turned to The UK High Net Worth Database and its charity segments for acquisition campaigns. The database is not pooled, not swapped and not reciprocated. It is carefully selected and monitored so as not to be overused.“We have achieved consistently strong results”
Individual Giving Fundraiser, Ashlea Brewer VSO UK

“We’re at an ROI of 0.99 at the moment! Response rate 0.615%. Average gift £129.79.”
Overseas Aid Charity

“The Big Gift file did really well versus our banker pack, getting a response of 0.42% and an average gift of £275.”
Disabled Charity


“The UK High Net Worth Database 2.80% response rate, £45.92 average gift, 3.07 ROI and profit per donor of £30.98.”
Ex Servicemens Charity


The data works. We’ll arrange for a profile analysis to pinpoint precisely the right people from within our data for your campaign. That’s free of charge. We’ll also offer you advantageous terms – including access to MyLetterBox, a full database cleanse with the Fundraising Suppression File and a free upgrade to Multiple Use (for orders of 100,000 or more records).
Whichever cause you are working towards, there are suppliers who will go that extra mile. We appreciate your role. For most Heads of Individual Giving, we should be able to assist you to achieve your goals quickly and help to confirm your status as your charity’s Frank Lampard!

If you are a Head of Individual Giving from a UK charity and would like to discuss using The UK High Net Worth Database as a source of new donors for an upcoming campaign, please contact me on graham@finelyfettled.co.uk or call 01535 654930.