Telephone Number Validation

Telephone Number Validation

Telephone Number Validation

A 2015 snapshot of UK telephone number validation showed that of the numbers being used by telemarketing companies, only 66% were active. With a massive one-third of telephone numbers inactive, telemarketing companies are wasting money and getting poorer results from their telephone operatives. 33% of numbers are inactive.

There is a solution, the telemarketer should contact Finely Fettled.

There are simple, quick and compliant ways to improve the quality of telephone numbers. Imagine how much you will save by not trying to call telephone numbers that are dead!

What would a 1 in 5 error rate do to your plans?

The 60 million UK population owns more than 83 million mobile phones and 33 million landlines. Even with high levels of portability of mobile numbers, the UK mobile market still has a churn rate of 3% per month. Overall, we estimate over 2,000,000 changes per month or a bit over 1 in 5 telephone number changes per year.

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*Note: 2014 figures based on the Data Central Cache database. Our Cache data currently represents 44% of the total UK active telephone population.
A mobile marketer would have to be reckless, if they forecast results of a campaign based on an error strewn database. The smart thing to do is to get data checked out, then get it fixed. Similarly, a telemarketer calling landline and mobile numbers would want data to sail through diallers.

The best way to do this is to remove inactive and invalid numbers.

Does Telephone Data have the Worst Level of Accuracy?

Using our analysis, the answer is YES. Take name and address data. Most consumer data cleansing corrects for deceased and goneaway data. That is, those people who have died and those who have moved. Roughly 1% of the UK population dies each year and up to 15% of the population moves. This makes the level of telephone data decay the single biggest problem in terms of data quality by size, if not necessarily priority.

Deceased = 1%

Goneaways = 15%

Non-valid Telephones = 23%

Do you regularly data cleanse your telephone data? Talk to an industry expert – Graham Arrowsmith, who is senior consultant for Data Central, a leading provider of mobile and landline telephone number validation. Call Graham on 01535 654930

Telemarketing Data

Telemarketing Data

Telemarketing Data

Big news for companies using telemarketing data.

In the first benchmark study of Telephone Number Validation, Data Central , a Manchester-based data services business reveals that more than 1 in 5 telephone numbers changed connectivity status in 2014. The 64 million UK citizens own more than 83 million mobile phones and 33 million landlines. Even with high levels of portability, mobile numbers still churn at an amazing 3% per month.

Marketing managers, CRM Managers and Data Quality experts should know just how easy and compliant it is to check the connectivity status of their telephone numbers. There is absolutely no need to ‘ping’ the number and since there is no requirement to share name and address, there is little of concern as far as Data Protection legislation either.

When you validate your numbers you’ll get to know how many numbers are active and how many are inactive.  It is a pretty quick service too. You can choose to match against numbers recently seen as active (that’s called a cache database and is ordered by recency) or you can opt for live checking. The latter costs a little more and in the case of very large volumes of landlines, can take a little longer to validate.

Telemarketers beware of buying data that has not been validated as active. You can waste budget and time calling numbers that are flat out dead. Mobile Marketers who want to integrate SMS into their marketing activity, will also be drawn to the service. The least a Mobile Marketer needs to know is how many people are going to receive the intended communication.

If telephone number validation sounds like something you need, then contact Finely Fettled today!