195,000 Wealthy Ladies Responsive to Charities


Aged 55 to 75


Property Values Over £150k


High Net Worth

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Wealthy ladies between 55 and 75 years of age can be found on the Charity Ladies file. This popular charity giving researched data list is updated daily. Ladies fit the classic charity profile of single ladies with substantial levels of investment income.

More and more women are earning their own wealth, thereby becoming big donors in their own right. The wealthy ladies on the Charity Ladies list have considerable investments and a greater than average propensity to give to charity. They are ideal for cash donations and legacy acquisition. The ladies on the Charity Ladies list are home owners who have lived at their current address for 10 years or more. They drive economical cars. They have interests in charity and voluntary work. They also have interest in current affairs, art and antiques, gardening, theatre and the National Trust.

Wealthy ladies have consistently outperformed men in charity giving. The 2015 Charities Aid Foundation report UK Giving 2014 highlights those most likely to give money are female, older and in higher socio-economic grades. Older people are more likely to donate, with half of those aged 65 and over doing so in a typical month, compared to only 30 per cent of those aged 16-24. Which is why our list of welathy ladies, “Charity Ladies” is a very good choice for charities seeking new high-value donors.

Wealthy ladies are also more likely to collaborate with charities and develop lasting relationships culminating in legacy giving. These single, divorced, widowed and wealthy ladies have significant levels of savings and investment income.

Our advice is to profile your donor file against Charity Ladies and discover how many of your donors actually appear on our list. This will allow you to test the file with confidence. You will also be eligible for special charity test incentives too!

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£120 per ‘000



£10 per ‘000

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