Philanthropic Investors

522,000 UK Households


Aged Over 50


Stock Market Portfolios >£10,000


High Net Worth

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Philanthropic Investors File

Philanthropic Investors file is a carefully researched mailing list. It hosts wealthy charitable giving individuals sorted by postcode area. Most philanthropic investors are aged over 60 and are known investors. That’s why most of our data on this file are affluent over 60 investors.

These individuals are philanthropic investors because they have a desire to promote the welfare of others. They express this by generously donating money to good causes. The mailing list is made up from the most wealthy neighbourhoods in the UK. The file consists of very affluent individuals. They are known stock market investors with a portfolio of at least £10,000. They also have a propensity to make regular donations to charity. In other words, they are ideal for charities who are seeking philanthropic investors.

You can also extend your reach to the neighbours of these philanthropic investors. We do this by using our sophisticated postcode-level affluence indicator. This allows you to have larger targeted campaigns to known philanthropic neighbourhoods at a lower cost.

If your charity is seeking to identify philanthropic investors then this mailing file deserves to be tested. The good news is we’ll make it easy for you to do just that with our special charity test package.

Graham Arrowsmith interviews Nigel Readhead-Eyre, the founder of The UK High Net Worth Database, and asks why should charities believe in this data. The simple answer is this file has served charities for 25 years. It is also important to highlight that the approach taken with new charity customers is a free profile first. We do not take for granted that we are a good fit for you. We prefer you to see for yourself with analysis. Nigel says it best by saying we want long terms relationships through proven results.

Base Rental

£120 per ‘000


Data Tagging

£150 per ‘000

Investment Portfolio Value  £10 per ‘000
Postcode Level Data   £50 per ‘000
Postcode Level Affluence   £10 per ‘000

Philanthropic Investors File - Data Card

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