The MAJOR GIFT Fundraising File

20,000 Charitable Directors


FTSE 100 Board Directors


Football Clubs


Charitable Trusts

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The MAJOR GIFT Fundraising File

UK Charities who have major gift fundraising strategies are aware of the growth in philanthropy amongst the UK wealthiest individuals.

The MAJOR GIFT Fundraising File helps charities to define and identify major donors. Charities have found other major gift strategies to be limiting. 75% of charities have found their peer-to-peer ‘ask’ options are limited. So what can charities do to find major gift donors?

The MAJOR GIFT Fundraising File has been very carefully researched. It contains directors of companies with links to charitable giving. Directors who are likely to make substantial major gifts in their own right. Not just through corporate giving. The data is supplied at their home address where they are proven to respond in both a personal and a corporate capacity.

Charities can profile and wealth screen existing donors to establish their potential for larger donations. It is easy to identify new donors too. On the file you’ll find directors of Charitable Trusts, Football Clubs, Arts Companies, Theatres and Galleries and FTSE 100 company Board Directors.

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Nigel Readhead-Eyre, founder of The UK High Net Worth Database discusses the recent challenges facing charities with Graham Arrowsmith of Finely Fettled. How is this data different? Tips on mailing strategy and views about shared donor pools. The Major Gift Fundraising File is not shared with other data vendors. He advise targeting the affluent over 50s for major gift fundraising.

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