SMS, SMS Lead Generation, Marketing Consultancy, Mobile Data, HLR Validation, Mobile Marketing, SMS, Lead Generation, Telephone Number Validation, Data, Data Services

Enhanced SMS Lead Generation

Enhanced SMS Lead Generation is for marketers who want to target UK individuals. There are 300 data selections to choose from. These include travel/holiday, drinks, leisure, charities, financial, newspaper, pets and many more. Every mobile number used is HLR validated piror to send. Uniquely, a ‘best time to send’ is added to every mobile number. This time has been created from billions of data observations about how individuals interact with their mobile numbers. It is added at the individual number level. Then finally, the send is scheduled for release to accommodate the receiver’s best time. That’s Enhanced SMS Lead Generation in 2016.

High Quality Mobile Data

3.5 million, 3rd Party opt-in for SMS, with up to 100 key selections.

HLR Validated Data

Every single mobile number validated BEFORE your SMS campaign.


Send Time Optimised

Using individual level behaviour, each mobile is tagged with a best time to send.

Our Mobile Data is Opt-In

Opted-in Mobile Data, SMS, SMS Lead Generation, Marketing Consultancy, Mobile Data, HLR Validation, Mobile Marketing, SMS, Lead Generation, Telephone Number Validation, Data, Data Services

Enhanced SMS Lead Generation only uses opted-in data:

“By entering your email you consent to XXXXXXX and its partners, sending you information and offers on products and/or services that may be of interest to you via email, SMS, telephone or direct-mail. These offers may relate to utilities, retail products & services, travel, leisure, insurance, finance, real estate, telecoms, gambling, home improvements, health, automotive, legal services, or local & national government”

“To receive offer, discounts and information about our competitions, promotions, updates and products either by SMS, telephone or direct mail and including location based promotions, together with products and services offered jointly with or on behalf or other organisations, please tick this box to opt in your contact informaton and confirm that you are age 18 years and over.”

Enhanced SMS Lead Generation validates every mobile number before send

SMS Mobile Data, SMS, SMS Lead Generation, Marketing Consultancy, Mobile Data, HLR Validation, Mobile Marketing, SMS, Lead Generation, Telephone Number Validation, Data, Data Services
  •  3.5 million UK mobile telephone numbers

  • Fully opted-in

  • All “active” validated

  • With over 300 profile selections

  • All with a best-time to contact

What Selections Are There?

Here are some highlights…

2.6 million

Home Insurance Renewal

1.1 million

Mobile Contract Renewal

3.4 million

Holiday Country

1.6 million

Main Daily Newspaper

Category Description Volume
Holiday Holiday Country 3,401,054
Holiday Holiday Types 3,337,803
Holiday Accommodation 3,099,433
Holiday Frequency Overseas 2,066,211
Holiday Length of Holiday 1,998,896
Holiday How Holiday Booked 1,632,659
Holiday Holiday Booked by Phone 1,194,018
Holiday Car Hire 976,934
Holiday Park at Airport 762,133
Holiday Car Hire Company 752,162
Holiday Use Your Credit Cards Whilst Abroad 451,789
Holiday Holiday Insured 449,021
Holiday Use Your Mobile Whilst Abroad 413,254
Holiday Spend On Holiday 357,104
Holiday Duty Free – Bought Goods 319,884
Holiday Annual Travel Insurance 268,982
Holiday Holiday Value 193,836
Holiday Duty Free Tobacco 181,682
Holiday Duty Free Spirits 180,935
Holiday Duty Free Other 137,447
Holiday How Insure 126,279
Holiday Duty Free Wine 74,830
Holiday Duty Free Beauty 50,504
Holiday Duty Free Food 43,894
Holiday Frequency UK 34,004
Category Description Volume
Leisure Sport 1,512,053
Leisure Reading 1,282,296
Leisure Eating Out 1,145,180
Leisure Gardening 840,185
Leisure Fashion Clothing Hobbies 802,750
Leisure Football 735,598
Leisure Gourmet Food Hobbies 662,839
Leisure Theatre & Arts 644,805
Leisure Music/CD/MP3 530,635
Leisure Pubs 516,406
Leisure Records 488,188
Leisure Walking 472,041
Leisure Wildlife 429,637
Leisure DVD Hobbies 413,378
Leisure Golf 403,226
Leisure Health Hobbies 374,564
Leisure Investments 326,752
Leisure Online Gambling 269,783
Leisure Prize Draws 215,400
Leisure Keep Fit 188,649
Leisure Caravanning 183,887
Leisure Betting 139,292
Leisure Water Sports 127,303
Leisure Plates (Collecting) 113,570
Leisure Cooking 104,679
Leisure Online Music 101,591
Leisure Charity / Voluntary Work 91,452
Leisure Skiing 83,069
Leisure Cinema 80,964
Leisure Online Films 76,375
Leisure DIY 70,366
Leisure Motor Sports 68,428
Leisure Motorbikes 53,576
Leisure Rugby 50,651
Leisure Personal Finance 27,496
Leisure Digital TV Hobbies 23,205
Leisure UK Breaks 22,404
Leisure Cycling 22,248
Leisure Photography 16,250
Leisure Scuba Diving 15,382
Leisure TV & Video 9,871
Leisure Snowboarding 9,712
Leisure Sailing 7,939
Leisure Bingo 6,806
Leisure Slimming 6,764
Leisure Windsurfing 6,600
Leisure Horse Riding 5,584
Leisure Hobbies – Future Planning 3,502
Leisure Sightseeing 1,982
Category Description Volume
Admin Survey Date 3,500,000
Admin Recency 3,500,000
Admin RecencyFlag 3,500,000
Admin Income 3,447,800
Admin Age 3,368,797
Admin Date of Birth 3,368,319
Admin Month of Birth 3,368,319
Admin Birthday 3,365,586
Admin Home Insurance Renewal 2,640,672
Admin Live Where 2,426,845
Admin Mobile Phone Network 1,918,639
Admin Status 1,863,303
Admin Utility Provider – Electricty 1,782,129
Admin Utility Provider – Gas 1,771,932
Admin Bank Account 1,705,484
Admin TV Type 1,581,074
Admin Work Type 1,553,719
Admin Use Credit Card 1,521,488
Admin Internet Provider 1,261,849
Admin Buildings Insurance Renewal 1,101,060
Admin TV Make 1,087,621
Admin Mobile Contract Renew 1,071,333
Admin Use Mail Order 983,643
Admin Mobile Contract 974,639
Admin Occupation 935,720
Admin Digital Type 922,540
Admin Years At House 759,271
Admin Mobile Phone on Holiday 712,298
Admin Conservatory 709,739
Admin Solar Power 635,850
Admin SkyDigital 622,551
Admin Main TV 503,288
Admin Month Moved to this Address 466,394
Admin FreeView 404,744
Admin IPhone 399,985
Admin Travel Insurance Renewal 361,882
Admin Which Supermarket You Shop At 359,918
Admin Bedrooms (Number of) 333,410
Admin Value of Home 223,238
Admin Cable 221,897
Admin Android 210,811
Admin Private Medical – Abroad 209,180
Admin Private Medical – Private 188,950
Admin Home Phone Provider 161,593
Admin Other 155,784
Admin Times Bought Goods Online 143,104
Admin IPad 131,674
Admin Blackberry 121,546
Admin Internet Use 95,039
Admin Type of Home 78,570
Admin Pet Insurance Renewal 64,003
Admin Android Phone 60,076
Admin Health Insurance Renewal 45,429
Admin Mobile device: Email 44,513
Admin Mobile device: Social Media 42,719
Admin Tablet 33,157
Admin Android Tablet 32,210
Admin Private Medical – Company 32,168
Admin Mobile device: Films/Music 28,250
Admin Mobile device: Gaming 21,072
Admin Mobile device: News 17,855
Admin Mobile device: Business 10,580
Admin Mobile device: Vouchers 10,458
Admin Windows Phone 9,857
Admin Windows Tablet 6,517
Admin Mobile device: Betting 5,474
Admin HomeChoice 2,677
Category Description Volume
Charities Childrens  Charities 898,041
Charities Cancer Charities 727,088
Charities Pet Charities 490,365
Charities Support Cancer Research UK 471,175
Charities Health Charities 400,123
Charities Other Charities 335,511
Charities Local Charities 333,174
Charities Overseas Charities 271,989
Charities Wildlife Charities 259,504
Charities Support NSPCC 202,905
Charities Help For Heroes 186,585
Charities Support RSPCA 155,999
Charities Church Charities 92,804
Charities Support Great Ormond Street 79,077
Charities Blind Charities 69,420
Charities Charity Envelopes 65,532
Charities Environmental  Charities 62,156
Charities Arts Charities 56,548
Charities Servicemen Charities 50,018
Charities National Trust Charities 40,711
Charities Support Hospice Charities 32,764
Charities Disabled Charities 30,118
Charities Support MacMillan Cancer 26,683
Charities Animal Charities 25,802
Charities Support RSPB 22,437
Charities Deaf Charities 18,788
Charities Support British Heart Foundation 15,207
Charities Support Marie Curie 14,331
Charities Homeless Charities 10,837
Charities Disaster Charities 10,392
Charities Support Alzheimers Charities 9,386
Charities Countryside Charities 6,671
Charities Support Mental Health Charities 6,466
Charities Support Age UK 6,432
Charities Support Leukaemia Charities 6,069
Charities Support British Legion 5,896
Charities Youth Charities 5,786
Charities Support Stroke Charities 5,581
Charities Support PDSA 5,441
Charities Support Arthritis Charities 5,214
Charities Support Parkinsons Charities 4,878
Charities Support Army Benevolent Fund 4,790
Charities Support Barnados 4,727
Charities Human Charities 4,260
Charities Heritage Charities 3,038
Charities Support Samaritans 2,889
Charities Welfare Charities 2,424
Charities Support Born Free 1,939
Category Description Volume
Computer Using The Internet 2,709,457
Computer Computer 1,930,304
Computer Internet Purchase 1,920,250
Computer Used A Comparison Site To Save Money 1,229,900
Computer Broadband 975,704
Computer Internet Music 886,237
Computer Internet Fashion 833,430
Computer Internet Books 702,058
Computer Internet Travel 698,232
Computer Purchased Home Goods Online 340,760
Computer Complete online surveys 286,856
Computer Purchased Food Online 270,383
Computer Purchased Beauty Products Online 197,877
Computer Visited Our Web Site 154,999
Computer Computer Games 77,290
Computer Internet Wine 67,951
Computer Internet Financial 45,039
Computer Internet Home 42,267
Computer Internet Computer Games 41,105
Computer Internet Electronics 31,404
Computer Internet Toys 30,057
Computer Computer Magazines 28,731
Computer Internet Business 24,300
Computer Internet DVDs 13,115
Computer Internet Sportswear 12,415
Computer Internet Hotel 11,493
Computer Internet Games 9,952
Computer Internet Kids Clothes 6,721
Category Description Volume
CreditCard Visa OR MasterCard 986,333
CreditCard Visa 564,657
CreditCard Access 375,457
CreditCard American Express 124,523
CreditCard Holiday Paid By Credit Card 83,661
CreditCard Store Cards 55,323
CreditCard American Express OR Diners Club 14,842
Category Description Volume
Motoring Car Insurance Renewal 2,269,845
Motoring Car Make 1,044,263
Motoring Car Model 1,044,263
Motoring Car Bought 267,296
Motoring Number of Cars 264,373
Motoring UK Car Hire 10,913
Category Description Volume
Newspapers Main Sunday Newspaper 1,905,859
Newspapers Main Daily Newspaper 1,582,863
Newspapers Daily Days 768,363
Newspapers Sun 669,766
Newspapers Daily Mail 568,087
Newspapers Mail on Sunday 536,349
Newspapers Have Daily Papers Delivered 473,763
Newspapers News of the World 415,970
Newspapers Daily Subscription 358,669
Newspapers Daily Mirror 322,582
Newspapers Have Sunday Papers Delivered 295,349
Newspapers Other (Daily) 278,671
Newspapers Sunday Mirror 256,481
Newspapers Local (Paid) 219,204
Newspapers Sunday Times 214,228
Newspapers Daily Express 169,415
Newspapers Daily Telegraph 127,332
Newspapers The Times 122,308
Newspapers Sunday Express 120,840
Newspapers Other (Weekly) 115,963
Newspapers Daily Star 109,288
Newspapers Sunday People 96,526
Newspapers Daily Record 85,382
Newspapers Sunday Telegraph 84,646
Newspapers The Observer 66,337
Newspapers The Guardian 55,151
Newspapers Sunday Post 49,500
Newspapers The Independent 36,623
Newspapers Independent on Sunday 25,251
Newspapers Scottish Mail 19,945
Newspapers Metro 16,155
Newspapers Financial Times 10,400
Newspapers Local (Free) 9,949
Newspapers The Scotsman 9,081
Newspapers Sunday Sport 7,909
Newspapers Yorkshire Post 7,537
Newspapers Evening Standard 4,975
Newspapers Daily Sport 4,652
Newspapers Regional (Daily) 3,489
Category Description Volume
Mags Magazines Specific (1st choice only) 348,677
Mags Magazines Specific (2nd choice only) 314,428
Mags Womens Magazines 124,142
Mags Home Magazines 46,551
Mags Health Magazines 43,448
Mags Travel Magazines 40,615
Mags Fashion Magazines 39,549
Mags Beauty Magazines 38,921
Mags Gardening Magazines 36,939
Mags Sport Magazines 29,472
Mags Computing Magazines 28,711
Mags Holidays 26,159
Mags Mens Magazines 17,549
Mags Finance 16,707
Mags Hobbies 16,352
Mags Activity Magazines 15,985
Mags Subscription Magazines 15,839
Mags Education 13,172
Mags Motoring Magazines 11,349
Mags TV Magazines 5,123
Mags Country Magazines 4,989
Mags Food & Drink Magazines 4,554
Mags Music Magazines 2,726
Mags News 2,490
Category Description Volume
Drinks Go to Pubs 516,406
Drinks Your Drink By Type 188,569
Drinks Your Usual Drink 188,569
Drinks Wine 148,291
Drinks Other Drinks 72,423
Drinks Draught Beers 68,694
Drinks Bottled Beers 66,657
Drinks Other Spirit 21,371
Drinks Whisky 15,974
Drinks Alcohol/Soft Drinks 15,553
Drinks Brandy 8,868
Drinks Vodka 8,145
Drinks Gin 7,220
Drinks Wine By Mail Order 6,721
Drinks Liquers 6,449
Drinks White Rum 5,558
Drinks Beer 3,208
Drinks Dark Rum 2,103
Category Description Volume
Pets Dog Owners 654,717
Pets Pets Charities 490,365
Pets Cat Owners 366,674
Pets Cat Or Dog Owners 92,601
Category Description Volume
Books Travel Books 20,906
Books Thriller Books 11,147
Books Bestsellers 11,137
Books Romance Books 9,220
Books Other Books 9,170
Books Crime Books 7,971
Books Historical Books 4,590
Books Science Fiction Books 2,320
Category Description Volume
FlyBusiness Fly Business – Frequency 532,499
FlyBusiness Number of Business/Leisure Flights 241,630
FlyBusiness Number of Low Cost Airline Flights 175,395
FlyBusiness Fly Business 148,419
FlyBusiness Fly Business – Europe 33,946
FlyBusiness Fly Business – UK 26,161
FlyBusiness Fly Business – North America 10,120
FlyBusiness Fly Business – Far East 5,588
FlyBusiness Fly Business – Other 4,239
FlyBusiness Fly Business – Middle East 2,727
FlyBusiness Fly Business – Australia 2,668
FlyBusiness Fly Business – South America 2,301
Description Volume
Child 1 Year of Birth 1,607,164
Child 2 Year of Birth 956,146
Child 3 Year of Birth 319,122
Child 4 Year of Birth 112,801

Please note Enhanced SMS Lead Generation counts are subject to the validation and available best-time to contact prior to campaign, so actual counts may differ a little from the above estimates.

Every Mobile is Validated

Here’s How…

Why Validate?

  • More accuracy means better campaign results
  • Avoid sends to invalid mobiles & save budget
  • Stay DPA compliant by having up-to-date data

How it Works

We validate our mobile numbers using the leading telephone validation product valTEL which accesses several telecommunication networks and HLR in one process without non-compliant pinging. Good for any UK telephone number.

SMS Mobile Data, SMS, SMS Lead Generation, Marketing Consultancy, Mobile Data, HLR Validation, Mobile Marketing, SMS, Lead Generation, Telephone Number Validation, Data, Data Services

Best Time To Contact

Increase Responses By Targeting Messages at The Right Time!

SMS Mobile Data, SMS, SMS Lead Generation, Marketing Consultancy, Mobile Data, HLR Validation, Mobile Marketing, SMS, Lead Generation, Telephone Number Validation, Data, Data Services

Optimum Time of Send

  • BEST day
  • BEST exact time

Benefits for Mobile Marketers

  • Send at prospect’s most receptive time
  • Increase conversion
  • Eliminate blind experimentation with send times
  • Customise message based on best time

The Enhanced SMS Lead Generation service introduces a unique BEST TIME TO CONTACT overlay. It is built from daily telephone network transactions. Every day some 9 million call log updates are added to the valTEL database. With this information, we deduce the times at which a person is most engaged. Already there are more than 3 billion connectivity outcomes for some 55 million unique numbers and growing.

The very first use of BTC by an SMS Lead Generation marketer, who changed ONLY one thing in the campaign, that is BTC, generated a doubling of response. That’s right 2X the usual SMS Lead Generation campaign response, simply through the use of a best time to contact.

Inclusive of Sends

Using leading SMS Platforms

SMS Mobile Data, SMS, SMS Lead Generation, Marketing Consultancy, Mobile Data, HLR Validation, Mobile Marketing, SMS, Lead Generation, Telephone Number Validation, Data, Data Services

Enhanced SMS Lead Generation works with leading SMS Gateways and Platform businesses to ensure your mobile marketing campaign sends without a hitch.



Volume 20,000
Selection: Females, 40 to 70
Interested In: Children’s Charities
All Mobile Phones Validated as “Active”
Best Time: e.g. Thursday, 13:23