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A Newsletter

What Else Do You Do?

Customers often start life with you by buying a single product and may be unaware of your range. This leads to missed cross and up-sell opportunities.

What's New?

A newsletter gets the word out to people who already trust you and value what you sell. This is an ideal vehicle for customer testimonials and success stories.

Not About You

Being entertaining to your customers does not equate to showcasing company awards. Instead, inform, educate and entertain so they’ll positively anticipate your newsletter.

Send it Frequently

Being consistent is a hallmark of success, so your newsletter needs to be published frequently to build trust and strong relationships with customers and prospects.

The Shock and Awe Package

Make An Impression

Your shock and awe package is designed to overwhelm the recipient, with a variety of convincing information and materials delivered unexpectedly.

The Contents

Include case studies with testimonials about your business. Add a sales letter. Provide extra value with DVDs, articles, audio recordings, a sample and gift.

Personalise the Box!

Create intrigue and excitement before the box is even opened with teaser copy and personalise the box with your company logo and messaging.

Automatic Referrals

Put Referral Mechanisms in Place

You may not have time to personally follow up every customer, so put mechanisms in place like follow up campaigns to help nurture relationships that automatically refer you.

An Endless Chain

If your clients trust you, every client should refer another. Your objective is to construct a business where clients seek you out, with trust in place in advance.

Don't Get Hung Up, Ask!

The most underused strategy for referrals is simply asking. Always make the referee feel appreciated with a ‘Thank You’ and a token of your gratitude.

Lost Customer Reactivation

Start With Your Data

Did your business lose customers last year? How many? Who? Why they went? To Where? Start by validating the data you have on them – N&A, Tel, Email.

It's Indifference That Costs

The number one reason your customers will defect is your indifference. The answer is regular communication like a newsletter or frequent offers.

When Should They Be Back?

Every kind of business has a set time by which a customer should be back. What’s yours? Your copy should treat them as if they are missed and no longer active.