Home Movers Data

The Most Comprehensive UK Database of Home Movers Data

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Home Movers Data

Who benefits from using Home Movers Data?

If you are seeking an opportunity to contact somebody at an important time. A trigger. Rather than pushing out messages in arbitrary fashion, you laser target an audience at a time when they are likely to be on the look-out for a range of products and services. Like when you move home. Around the time of move a consumer is most likely to switch or purchase a number of high value products and services.

There are around 1.2 million households that move in a year. Royal Mail estimated that the home mover market is worth over £12 billion per annum for the products and services that are relevant to new home movers. The good news is the overwhelming majority of these home movers are available as triggers in our Home Movers Data.

So which sectors should be looking seriously at Home Movers Data?

  • Home Improvements – an estimated £7 billion is spent on move-related home improvements in the 12 months post-move. Spend on:
    • Garage Doors
    • Landscaping
    • Windows & Doors
    • Kitchen Fitting
    • Solar PV Panels
    • Household Heating Systems
    • Furniture Retailers
  • Energy Providers – switching, early mover, lead intelligence
  • Financial Services – interested in targeting new insurance renewals associated with their move.
  • Broadband
  • Charities

Other marketers will see huge benefit in accessing the depth of the 23.4 million detailed sets of information about households. 18 million of them have a real-time property valuation.

For Sale, Home Move Data, Trigger Data, Home Move Campaigns, Trigger Campaigns, Marketing Consultancy

Access to this source of Home Mover Data is by API Licence and match and append. Finely Fettled is acting for the sole and exclusive agent of Home Move Data. Please contact Graham Arrowsmith to discuss how this data can assist your marketing campaigns.

What’s Special About This Source of Home Movers Data?

3 Big Benefits

It's Comprehensive

Data includes sales, mortgage, listings, new build, demographic, economic and address information.


Trusted Source

From the UK’s largest Automatic Valuation Model provider. Data is relied upon by lenders to advance funds to borrowers.

Continually Fresh

24 million UK household data set. 85,000 monthly valuation surveys and 135,000 new build properties per annum.



Early Home Mover Notification

Match between 85-95,000 monthly mortgage surveys against your database for the earliest of notifications


Lead Enhancement

Add critical home criteria to leads and data to score, prioritise, enhance the quality of your leads


Lead Suppression

Remove invalid, incomplete, unqualified and or fraudulent leads and data

Media Targeting

Use critical data to devise new marketing campaigns targeting consumers more effectively, improve engagement on existing and prospective consumers.


Sustainable volume information enabling real-time profiling and customer segmentation


New applications?

Put us to the test by engaging Home Data File analysts to create a bespoke development



What Could You Use Them For?






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