Verify Email Address Data

Get Better Results From Email Marketing When You Verify Email Address Data With valEMAIL

valEMAIL – why verify email address data?

DO YOU verify email address data? If you don’t your email marketing campaigns will deliver poor returns.

Good results happen with email validation. Commit to verify email address data. It will help preserve this important channel of communication.

Your email broadcast account will be blocked if your email list quality is poor. Poor email address data gets you a bad sender reputation. Validated emails increase email deliverability. More of your sends get through to people’s in-boxes. Email open rates and campaign conversions also improve.

That’s why I recommend valEMAIL to verify email address data.

  • You can integrate valEMAIL into your systems with an API service for instant validation.
  • Verify email address data in batches.
  • Get confidence score results for better decision making.
  • valEMAIL also reaches those in-boxes that other providers fail to get to using sophisticated algorithms.

The good news, is you can verfy email address data at the point of capture, prior to your campaign or within your current database.

Contact Graham to set up a valEMAIL briefing.


Verify Email Address Data and Reduce Bounces and Delivery Failures By

Verify Email Address Data

  • Increase deliverability, open rates and campaign conversion
  • Avoid lost revenue from email deliverability problems

Score email validity & deliverability

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