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Our charity data is not shared, not pooled and never will be. It has proven successful for charities for many years.


FREE Database Profiling

The High Net Worth Database comprises 4 million affluent UK individuals, predominantly over 50, making them ideal for all charitable donations, regular giving, cash ask, major gifts and legacy requests. We have over 25 years of experience in providing charity data for direct mail campaigns. We will help you target the very best charity data prospects for your charity from this unique database.

These people are the mass affluent over 50s. They have the time and the money to dedicate to charities. To make donations. Their children have grown up, they don’t have as much call on their income. If you create a good relationship with them they are likely to go on and create legacies for your charity.

The Over 50s Affluent are Ideal Charity Donors

There are 26.7 million UK households, here’s how the net worth is split…


Economically Inactive


Committed Families


High Net Worth Over 50s

The Over 50s Affluent – Ideal for Regular Giving and Legacies

“We have worked directly with REC Direct and have found the team incredibly thorough and have received invaluable support from them across entire campaigns. We have achieved consistently strong results with REC Direct and can certainly recommend them.”

Ashlea Brewer

Individual Giving Fundraiser, VSO UK

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Stockmarket Investors 2,598,319 61.40%
Charity Work 298,940 7.06%
Collectables 231,327 5.47%
Current Affairs 533,936 12.62%
DIY 1,079,969 25.52%
Eating Out 1,619,261 38.26%
Fashion 661,947 15.64%
Fine Art & Antiques 324,976 7.68%
Football 315,573 7.46%
Foreign Travel 1,182,663 27.95%
Gardening 1,683,167 39.77%
Grandchildren 578,672 13.67%
Golf 534,384 12.63%
Gourmet Food & Wine 873,139 20.63%
Gyms & Spas 600,642 14.19%
Health Foods 388,675 9.18%
Lotteries 120,047 2.84%
Mailorder Shopping 507,471 11.99%
Music & Concerts 1,334,169 31.53%
National Trust 386,372 9.13%
Open Universtity & Home Study Courses 308,203 7.28%
Pet Lovers (Mainly Dogs & Cats) 943,339 22.29%
Photography (Digital) 513,435 12.13%
Puzzles & Crosswords 918,211 21.70%
Reading & Book Collecting 1,278,740 30.22%
Short Breaks & Hotels 807,746 19.09%
Skiing 150,613 3.56%
Tech Gadgets 740,114 17.49%
Theatre & Ballet 733,268 17.33%
Walking & Camping Holidays 814,474 19.25%
Wildlife 415,306 9.81%
Married 1,911,079 45.16%
Single 543,013 12.83%
Widowed 130,703 3.09%


Have Children 1,182,977 27.95%
Age 80 plus 381,320 9.01%
Age 70 to 80 537,772 12.71%
Age 60 to 70 754,280 17.82%
Age 50 to 60 595,911 14.08%
Age under 50 477,483 11.28%
Age unknown (Predominately Age 50 plus) 1,485,023 35.09%
Professionals 655,990 15.50%
Managerial 159,571 3.77%
Administrative 266,386 6.29%
Skilled Tradesmen 286,899 6.78%
Housewife 276,670 6.54%
Student 123,286 2.91%
Retired 476,054 11.25%
Unknown Occupation 1,986,933 46.95%
Company Director 144,641 3.42%
Self Employed 109,891 2.60%
Home Owner 2,564,815 60.61%
Private Rental 104,765 2.48%
Council Rental 130,851 3.09%
Live with Parents 328,959 7.77%
Unknown Home Ownership 1,102,669 26.06%
Income > £90,000 782,541 18.49%
Income £75 to £90,000 294,434 6.96%
Income £60 to £75,000 339,127 8.01%
Income £50 to £60,000 459,295 10.85%
Income £40 to £50,000 431,936 10.21%
Income £25 to £40,000 352,853 8.34%
Income £15 to £25,000 285,395 6.74%
Income les than £15,000 124,448 2.94%
Income unknown 1,161,760 27.45%
Car Type Small/Hybrid 532,264 12.58%
Car Type Medium Family 777,501 18.37%
Car Type Medium Executive 850,281 20.09%
Car Type Luxury Executive 159,769 3.78%
Broadsheet Newspaper Readers 855,845 20.22%
Mid Market Newspaper Readers 1,067,421 25.22%
Tabloid Newspaper Readers 839,242 19.83%

Special Charity List Selections

Wealthy & Benevolent Investors

The most likely wealthy charity responders for each postcode.

Charity Ladies

Updated daily with single affluent ladies ideal for regular giving and legacies.

BIG GIFT Investors

Company directors with links to charitable giving likely to make substantial ‘Big Gifts’

Offset 100% of the Cost of

Offset up to 100% of the £350 annual licence cost for when you elect to test Charity Data from The UK High Net Worth Database and use the Fundraising Suppression File to cleanse your charity database.

The Etherington Review is considering using MyLetterBox as a proxy for the new Fundraising Preference Service. Your chariy can get ahead of the curve and immediately begin offering the people you mail an ethical and reliable method to manage their preferences. has been in existence since 2006, which means we have built up insight into the way people handle their preferences.

Using MyLetterBox means your charity is making sure you build relationships with future donors on the basis of mutual respect.

You can also set up banner ads on the site to encourage visiting donors to register their interest with your charity, or even link straight through to a donation page. We find that 72% of visitors choose to do something positive – by electing to receive more from charities they do support as opposed to those they do not. Making these preferences clear is a good thing ultimately for charities as you hone your marketing activity towards those with a declared preference.

Offset up to 100% of the Cost

of, when you test our Charity Data or use the Fundraising Suppression File

Make use of to ethically handle the preferences of people you write to.

And get OPTED-IN donors in the process!

Charity Donor Preference

Only 28% of people who register with MyLetterbox ( elect to stop all mail. It is a charity positive service which we encourage all charities to embrace

Low Cost Access to the Fundraising Suppression File

We have created the Fundraising Suppression File that has 2.5 million deceased people and 4.5 million goneaways or refusals. This data has been collected from charity mailings, so it is very likely to match well against your data too. Our offer is that we will match your full house file against the Fundraising Suppression File at just 9p per permanent match and 5p per suppress match. Imagine what that could save your charity if you were about to cleanse your data using commercial suppression databases. A huge amount!

Is your charity database full of opportunity? By that, I mean you have lots of people in your data where you have lost touch, because they have moved from the address you hold. We have negotiated very low prices to use the best commercial forward address files to reconnect you with previous donors. Our experience is that you’ll get great responses from these lost supporters.


Fundraising Suppression File

Our Fundraising Suppression File is available to your charity now for list cleaning. As part of this Test Package, you can access it at 5p per suppress match and 9p for permanent flags to your marketing database. This is fantastic value for your charity to bring your charity database is up to date. The FSF is a combination of deceased, goneaway, refusals and vulnerable people. The files is continually updated and built from actual returns from charity mailings. We are fastiduous in maintaining quality, so accuracy is important. We know that our data matches have very high match rates against commercial data suppression files, which means that were you to use our suppression data first, you’ll save money.

We’ll make you a promise. If you test The UK High Net Worth Database we will offset the cost of MyLetterBox against the cost of the data and suppression charges.

Donor Reactivation

The second part of the Fundraising Suppression File is access to special charity rates using the leading commercial data suppression files. Deceased and goneaways are available per match at retail prices of 18p and 38p for one-time suppression and flagging respectively. If you require data suppression for your next campaign – to drop people who are dead or who have moved then turn to the Fundraising Suppression File.

We will process your database to find lapsed or lost donors. They may have moved address and you don’t know where they live now. We can reconnect your charity with these important donors. Our experience is they behave like your active donors and respond really well. They are long lost friends who have already shown commitment to your charity. So let us help you discover these people, before you are mandated not to if the Etherington Review leads to a shortening of the time consent is considered viable. Don’t get consent-barred!


Fundraising Suppression File

Contains 2.5 million Deceased and 4.5 million Goneaway or Do Not Mail (vulnerable, refused) from charity mailings over 20 years and from MyLetterbox since 2006.

Special Charity terms access to Deceased, Goneaway and importantly Forward Address Matching data processing.

Unique Data Suppressions for Charities

Sourced over 20 years, this data is especially useful for cleansing data captured two or more years ago. Our testing tells us that it matches 34% of commercial goneaway files and 61% of commercial deceased suppression files.

We offer these matches to charities well well below the rates of other suppression files, so make sure to include the Fundraising Suppression File as part of your data cleansing solution.

Lost Donors  > New Donations

Winning back lost donors, or people you do not actively market to any more because you have the wrong address is more important now, as charities move toward opt-in and consent barring.

Act now and get your ‘legacy’ donor data reactivated and generating more money for your charity. For more on lost customers see How to Profit From Lost Customers

Why Your Charity Should Reconnect with Lost Donors

Example: Your charity has 100,000 records to cleanse for deceased, goneaways and forward addresses

Process Volume In Matched % Volume Out Estimated Cost Total
Input Processing 100,000 98% 98,000 £2 per ‘000 £200.00
Deceased 98,000 2% 96,040 £0.38 per match £744.80
Total Gone-away 96,040 15% 81,634
Gone-away flag only 14,406 20% 2,881 £0.38 per match £1,094.78
Forward address 14,406 80% 11,524 £0.38 per match £4,379.12
 90,277 £6,418.70

Assuming you add the cost of cleaning your data above (£6,418.70) to the cost of a direct mail campaign where your charity spends 60p per direct mail pack including postage communicating with the lost donors who have been found at a new address (11,524) and they respond at a rate similar to your active donors, say 4%, with an average donation of £30, your first mailing alone would return a positive ROI. Downstream donations would turn these people into very good donors.


Free Upgrade to MULTI-USE*

We are making sure you have the flexibility to build relationships with these important future donors to your charity. Typically lists are offered at this price for single use. That means you are allowed to use the data one time. Here, we are making the selection of data you choose from The High Net Worth Database available on Multi-Use terms. So if you wish to mail the people say three times in the first year, then that’s fine with us.

With relevant messaging your charity can build a rapport with these potentially high value charity donors and convert them into supporters of your charity for many years to come and then achieving a legacy at the end of that period.

*Only available when you opt for the 100,000 UK High Net Worth records test package.

Charity Test Package – Purchase Options


For a total cost of £12,500 

  1. 100,000 records of the best charity prospects based on a FREE profile of your data.
  2. Up to 100% of one year’s subscription to £350) offset against the value of the test data used or Fundraising Suppression File.
  3. A full house-file cleanse using Fundraising Suppression File at 9p per match for a permanent flag, creating massive savings against commercial files.
    Optional: Discounted use of commercial suppression files for deceased, goneaway and forward address matching is also available on request on our special Charity terms as outlined in the example above.
  4. Provided on a full one year Multi-Use Annual Licence (value £9,000).


For a total cost of £1,750* 

  1. 10,000 records of the best charity prospects based on a FREE profile of your data.
  2. Up to 100% of one year’s subscription to £350) offset against the value of the test data used or Fundraising Suppression File.
  3. A full house-file cleanse using Fundraising Suppression File at 9p per match for a permanent flag.
    Optional: Discounted use of commercial suppression files for deceased, goneaway and forward address matching is also available on request on our special Charity terms as outlined in the example above.

*Terms apply. This package is designed for smaller charities. We are prepared to discuss the package on a charity-by-charity basis.

**All prices ex VAT.

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